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About Santorini

Immerse in the natural beauty of a mysterious volcanic world. Welcome to Santorini!

Located in the south part of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is known as one of the most romantic holiday destinations, thanks to it scenic landscape. Famous worldwide for its breathtaking sunsets and dramatic caldera views, it is a life goal destination. Raw natural beauty, whitewashed houses, sea caves and a captivating landscape are just some of the reasons why Santorini Greece is the paradise on earth. Book your Ferries and Travel to Santorini!


Santorini Beaches

The same volcanic eruption that shaped Santorini, also created some dreamy beaches, beautiful coves and impressive sea caves.

Santorini Sightseeing

Apart from its dramatic landscape, raw natural beauty and breathtaking sunset views, Santorini is an archaeological gem on its own.

Living the experience in Santorini

There’s something in the atmosphere of Santorini that makes you feel as if you have entered a whole new world.

Karterados Santorini

Karterados is a beautiful, peaceful village in the heart of Santorini, surrounded by vineyards and lush nature.

Fira Santorini

(Ελληνικά) Τα Φηρά είναι η πρωτεύουσα της Σαντορίνης και βρίσκονται στη δυτική πλευρά του νησιού, μόλις 1,6 χλμ από το Emerald Suites.

Fira Sunset

In Santorini, you can watch one of the best sunsets in the world and this is the main reason why the island is so popular worldwide.
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