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Living the experience in Santorini

There's something in the atmosphere of Santorini that makes you feel as if you have entered a whole new world. A world where all your summer dreams come true. Thanks to its breathtaking landscape and location, the things to do in Santorini are many and the experiences you will live unforgettable.

Boat Tours

Sailing around the island is the best way to explore the amazing landscape of Santorini. The Santorini caldera views from the sea will take your breath away. What's more, sailing around the island is a great chance to swim in the famous healing hot springs of the island and explore the volcano of Santorini.

Hiking from Fira to Oia

Trekking from Fira to Oia is a unique experience. This route is perfect to explore the island, since it passes through the traditional villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli. Marvel the stunning views along the way and don't miss taking photos of the stunning scenery around you.

Wine Tours

5,000 years of winemaking tradition make Santorini an ideal place for wine tours. Thanks to its volcanic soil, Santorini has many vineyards producing their own local wine varieties. A tour around Santorini's best vineyards and a wine tasting session are must experiences to have in Santorini.
Scuba Diving
Cycladic seascape is one of the best ones to explore. Dive into the deep blue waters of Santorini and explore the amazing underwater world of the island. There are many diving centers on the island, offering the essential equipment for unforgettable dives into the mysterious Aegean sea.