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Emerald Collection Suites is situated in Karterados village, just 3 km away from the island's cosmopolitan capital, Fira and a short drive away from Oia.
Karterados Santorini - Emerald Collection Suites

Karterados Santorini

Karterados is a beautiful, peaceful village in the heart of Santorini, surrounded by vineyards and lush nature. Having 136 meters altitude, Karderados offers a breathtaking view to the deep blue sea of Santorini's eastern shore.

The village of Karterados is just a 1,6 km (15 minutes walk) from Fira, 9 km away from Oia Santorini, 8 km away from the port (Athinios) and 3 km away from the Airport of Santorini. This traditional settlement boasts an amazing landscape and unique architecture. What's more, Karterados used to be an important captain village during 19th century, so it is full of stonemade ship owners' mansions and beautiful cave houses.

Exo Gialos beach

All the way down from Karterados, there is Exo Gialos beach (or Karterados beach), an impressive volcanic beach with black sand and pebbles. Its crystal clear waters and peaceful atmosphere make it the perfect choice for a relaxing day at the beach, without going too far. The most impressive feature of Exo Gialos beach is its imposing landscape: Stunning rock formations, shaped by the wind and the rain, surround the beach, highlighting the wild natural beauty of this place.